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Customize RHEL/CentOS installation media (EL4/EL5+)

Customize RHEL/CentOS installation media (EL4/EL5+) -

So many times you'll like to have an installation media with all up-to-date patches, erratas aplied, so you can just install from that media and have a ready to work system instead of just install standard O.S. and then apply patches... this will let you know how

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Usually, a distribution has

Usually, a distribution has for it’s main binaries more than 2 Gb of data, that enables one target to act as a multifunction server/workstation, but that you will not usually load on the same system. Furthermore, since the DVD creation, there have been so many updates/patches that make your installation a ’outdated’ install that you’ll need to upgrade to have recent patches.Software de fidelización de clientes|Software fidelización clientes